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We are Dotx Control Solutions. A company focussing on everything related to Advanced Process Controls. Our strength lies in our unique combination of theoretical and practical knowledge. Our core competencies:


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Elevate your control system performance and streamline tuning processes with our PID Tuner software, the ultimate tool for precision and efficiency.


Have one of our control engineers solve your problem in a structured way.Select one of our training modules. The base module teaches the basics on control and PID tuning.The advanced module teaches more advanced skills.


Have one of our control engineers solve your problem in a structured way.


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Make it function according to specs

Cheapest in the market

Increase your profit

Reducing tuning time and effort

Increase efficiency, decrease emmisions


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  • pH and DO control at pharma company

    A pharmaceutical company located asked DotX to analyse their data, and propose changes to the control system. In this post we describe what we did, and what the results were.

  • Arduino based PID control

    The PID Tuner software comes with a full package for Arduino based projects.

  • pH loop tuning at pharma company

    A biopharmaceutical company located in Poland asked DotX to provide the PID Tuner software and training. In this post we focuss on tuning of the pH loop.

  • Offset in PID control

    What to do in case of offset while you did use PI or PID control?

  • Temperature control of a laminator prototype

    One of our clients is developing a novel laminator. An essential part of the laminator is sufficiently accurate temperature control of products inside the laminator.

  • Override control

    How to control one variable at setpoint, while maintaining another one below or above some value? Use override control!