Dotx Control Solutions.

DotX Control Solutions develops tailor made solutions to challenging control problems that increase the profits of your plant or system.
Our Company

Dotx Control Solutions was founded in 2007 by Dr. Ir. Jan Schuurmans. The pragmatic, structured and efficient approach to solving customers control related problems led to many happy customers. During this time, Dotx noted that most of the problems that customers dealt with can be solved using the same approach. This led to the development of the PID Tuner, which was initially used internally by our own control engineers.

Our Vision

Clearly, control systems that are tuned optimally wil increase efficiency, productivity and quality. Just like Formula One cars. The control optimisation currently requires highly educated, skilled, and experienced people which hampers wides-spread application. We therefore asked ourselves'Can't we create a software tool for control optimisation that allows everyone to create optimal control systems?' The answer is our vision: we strive to make control optimisation accessible to anyone.

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  • Camilo Lorenzoni (Automation Engineer)
    It is great to be able to access the formulas and the control theory and see the results applied in practice in our process.
  • C. Murphy (automation engineer)
    Very well explained course with plenty of practical examples of loop tuning. We saw some very good results on loops that had been in manual for years.
  • DotX Control Solutions B.V. has now solved a number of complex measurement and control technical problems in the gas cleaning process of Kooks- en Gasfabriek 2 by Tatasteel IJmuiden. In addition to adequate solutions for measurement and control problems, DotX Control Solutions provides B.V. tailor-made solutions, such as training and information for our own personnel, and a clear report with which our own technical department is able to take care of follow-up maintenance work and possibly to continue new disruptions.
    Ad Besseling
    TATA Steel
  • Mr. Schuurmans proves not only to be able to provide a clear insight into the theoretical side, but also to be able to implement a very practical implementation of the new control concepts. Works well and energetically with our own managers.    
    J. Dekker
    TATA Steel
  • Rob van Helvoort
    In-depth knowledge, consultancy experience and didactic qualities obout the subject of control engineering are essential for the design and implementation of our Process Control course. This is done with knowledge and reliability by Dotx Control.
    Rob van Helvoort

Our Team

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