What services do we offer?

We offer all services to help you tune a PID controller. To use our software to its full advantage, it is beneficial to take one of our courses on pid tuning. For the more complex control problems, we also offer consultancy where one of our control engineers helps you in finding a solution to your control problem. For some more advanced control concepts, you might need some changes in your PLC or DCS. Therefore we also have PLC/DCS programmers to help you out.


For projects where there is a strong urgence to solve an issues (e.g. downtime, trips), or where there is a big potential in optimising a process to increase revenue, you can hire one of our control engineers to fix the job.

Our way of working is the following:

  • We start with a call / conversation to understand your needs.
  • Once we fully understand these, we come up with a proposal/quote to solve your needs.
  • Once accepted, our control engineer will support/lead your team towards the solution.
  • Once the issue / challenge (need) has been solved, we will transfer our knowledge to you, in the form of a report (our work showing the solved issue, or the benifits, which you can show to the management).
  • To make sure our knowledge is transfered properly, we can provide a short (close off using a) training.

For a list of reference projects, click here


Our programmers have extensive experience with applying advanced control concepts in the following languages / PLC /DCS systems:

  • C / C++
  • Bachmann
  • Siemens
  • Allen Bradley
  • Omron
  • Codesys

In our training we also teach you how to apply and/or program advanced process control concepts in various PLC’s.


For all trainings that we offer, please check the training page.