PID Controller Hardware & Software

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PID Controller Source Code

We provide the source code for industrial PID Controllers for a small fee. The Matlab code is free of charge. The source code includes all advanced control features used in modern PID Controllers:
  • Bumpless automatic/manual switching
  • Differential Action filtering
  • Setpoint Weighting (preventing overshoot)

Arduino Package

Our Arduino package runs our PID Controller source code and is prepared to connect with the PID Tuner and our upcoming PID Monitor with a few clicks. It does not serve to be used in an industrial production environment, but for prototyping or testing PID algorithms it is a very useful tool.

You can either buy the package pre-installed from us, or buy the components yourself. The included components are listed below, and the wiring scheme can be found here.
  • Arduino Uno
  • Solid State Relay: SSR-40DA
  • Temperature Sensor: DHT20


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PID controller source code (C/Python/Matlab/Arduino) - 100€Arduino Package - 100€

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