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PID Controller Source Code

We provide the source code for industrial PID Controllers, code in ANSI C/C++. typically, this code is used in embedded chips, Arduino, and high-end PLCs. The source code includes all advanced control features used in modern PID Controllers, and more:
  • Bumpless automatic/manual switching
  • Differential Action filtering
  • Setpoint Weighting (preventing overshoot)
  • Per-programmed bump tests for PID tuning
  • Logging of data, for PID tuning with the PID Tuner, and for monitoring
  • Self-tuning algorithm
  • Second order filters that allows you to create any type of filter, like notch filters, lead lag, low pass. Comes with bumpless initialisation

Customer reviews

This PID Controller source code with self-tuning algorithms and filters included, continues to work extremely well. We could not be more pleased with the results!
CEO J-Systems Inc, Lombard, USA.

We have successfully applied the PID Controller source code in an embedded mould temperature controller. Using the PID Tuner software of DotX we tuned the PID settings to obtain fast temperature control with minimal overshoot.
H. van Hulsen, Control Engineer at Small Processor Systems B.V., the Netherlands

Arduino Package

Our Arduino hardware/software package runs our PID Controller source code and is prepared to connect with the PID Tuner and PID Monitor.

You can either buy the package pre-installed from us, or buy the components yourself and install the software yourself. The included components are listed below, and the wiring scheme can be found here.
  • Arduino Uno
  • Solid State Relay: SSR-40DA
  • Temperature Sensor: DHT20
  • source code of PID Controller
  • source code to connect with the PID Tuner
  • source code to connect with the SSR-40DA and DHT20

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