PID Monitor

PID Monitor

Real-Time control loop performance monitoring

When using Advanced Process Controls (APC) it is vital that the control loops are monitored on their performance. Using our cloud-based / on-premise PID Monitor solution you will get real-time automatic monitoring of the most critical control performance indicators, such as:

  1. Loop Oscillations / Instabilities: Be notified when loop instabilities are detected
  2. Stick Slip: Get an estimation of the amount of stick-slip in an actuator
  3. Actuator Saturation: Actuator saturation may indicate a not-in-control process
  4. Changes in control bandwidth: This may be caused by changes in process gains.

Description of the software package

The PID Monitor can either run in the cloud (Azure) or on-premise on a dedicated server. The PID Monitor has the following features:

  • Historical Trending: Uses OPC the retrieve data, and store it in an InfluxDB database.
  • Loop Performance Monitoring: Allows the PID Monitor to automatically detect issues with the control loop performance, such as:
    • Stick Slip: Get an estimation of the amount of stick-slip in an actuator
    • Oscillations: Oscillations may indicate bad tuning, and or loop instability
    • Actuator Saturation: May indicate a not-in-control process
    • Control Bandwidth: May be caused by changes in the process gains.
    • Damping Estimation: Estimate the closed-loop damping of a control loop. A low damping value may indicate issues.

Customer reviews

”The automatic notifications really helped us to quickly and pre-emptively find root-causes of issues in our process, reducing trips and downtime”
CTO of SUZ-Unlimited, The Hague, NL.

Reference Projects

Click here to see the project we did for TATA steel, Ijmuiden.


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